EP 57: Skotch Davis

With roots in Harlem and the Lower East Side, Skotch, born Joshua Khalil Davis-Henry, uses his unique New York City upbringing as the palette for which he paints his lyrical motifs. Raised by his father, Vincent Henry, who was deeply engrained in the Jazz, R&B and Funk world and his mother, Maria A. Davis, who was pioneering in the Hip-Hop and R&B party promotion scene, it’s easy to gauge not only why but also how Skotch found his way into music. What started off as mere interest, due to his upbringing and surroundings, became an unquenchable thirst for innovation in sound and lyricsim.

Skotch spent most of the early 2000’s earning a living in fashion while working on his live show, holding down residences at The Harlem Grill & The Village Underground respectively, while also frequently performing at Howard homecoming, Northeastern and a few other colleges. In 2010 He released his first mixtape titled “Skotch Tape” which was one of the first “Trending Topics” ever to hit twitter. He followed up that project with “Are You Hearing Me Clearly” & The “Skotch Davis EP”. After releasing the “My Life Is Like” maxi single , Skotch took a hiatus to reflect, become a father and learn the guitar.

Now replenished and reloaded with loads of new ideas, Skotch prepares to release “Skida From Tha Blida”. The first in a series of a journey into a new dimension.

Music by: Mr Pink by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena

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