TSN Radio 690 Montreal and The 1st Half Unite

TSN Radio 690 Montreal and The 1st Half Unite

Montreal, [February 26, 2024] – TSN Radio 690 Montreal, the city’s leading sports radio authority, is teaming up with Canadian soccer culture web series and podcast The 1st Half to launch an exclusive three-month collaboration, bringing a weekly show to TSN 690 that dives deep into the heart of soccer culture.

Hosted by Paul Desbaillets, the program unites the soccer community through engaging and insightful discussions about the beautiful game with unique guests from Montreal and around the world. The 1st Half radio show debuts Friday, March 1 at 6 p.m. ET on TSN Radio 690 Montreal, and is available via audio live stream on iHeartRadio.ca, the iHeartRadio Canada app, and TSN.ca.

Bringing together the listener bases of both TSN 690 and The 1st Half, the show offers fans a platform to connect, discuss, and share their passion for soccer with very special guests from the greater community each week. Through a mix of radio broadcasts, social media interactions, online content, fan meet-ups, match viewing events, and contests, the show promises to be a multi-platform experience, ensuring that soccer enthusiasts can engage with the content in a way that suits them best.

The initiative aligns with the excitement building up to two of the world’s major soccer tournaments – the UEFA EURO 2024 and CONMEBOL Copa America 2024, both taking place in summer 2024. With the new MLS season set for kickoff, the continued excitement around the English Premier League season, this project is poised to become a staple for soccer fans seeking a rich soccer experience.

The 1st Half covers all the action from domestic and foreign leagues, previews the upcoming summer tournaments, and delves into the stories around culture, fashion, and community that define soccer around the world.

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About Paul Desbaillets:

Paul Desbaillets isn’t just the force and voice behind The 1st Half: he’s a soccer lifer with the soul of an entrepreneur (co-founder of The Burgundy Lion Group), and the heart of a community builder (founder of The Goal Initiatives Foundation). His vision for the show goes beyond the pitch, tapping into soccer’s cultural pulse, from its influence on fashion to its power to bring people together. Paul’s love of the game, passion for fashion, food, music and art shines through in every episode, making soccer not just a sport to watch, but a world to be part of.

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Get set for a soccer experience that’s as real, raw, and riveting as the game itself.