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Founder of Think Watts, a successful rapper, record producer, and songwriter, STIX first started off as a dancer and a founding member of the Krump dancing style. He got attracted to sports especially soccer because of the people and the football culture! After pivoting into the hip-hop world as an artist, he leveraged his talent and connections to give back to the community through...

EP 46: Jérôme de Chaunac

A trilingual professional fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Jérôme is passionate about traveling, Latin America, music and everything related to sport, playing football & tennis weekly. He's currently a Managing Director Americas at Paris Saint-Germain - Strategic Advisor and Board Member.

EP 45: Marc Donato

Marc Donato is a Montreal based photographer specialized in sports, events and weddings. He also has the amazing opportunity to photograph major sports events such as the Montreal Impact (MLS Soccer) and the Montreal Canadiens (NHL).

The 1st Half Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of the beautiful game.

Follow our resident footy culture junkie and entrepreneur, Paul Desbaillets as he take a North American spin & approach on current news, culture, art, music & anything else that falls onto the pitch that connects us to the heart attack inducing world of Football (Soccer).

Each week Paul will interview guests ranging from Chefs, Musicians, Artists, Athletes, Fanatics, Influencers and anyone else he can find willing to talk to him about the Football Ecosystem.

Then Monday to Friday at 4pm, ‘STOPPAGE TIME’ LIVE happens were Paul gets to talk in real time about current events with guests from around the world.

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Each week we ask our guest a lightning round of questions from most-loved breakfast item,

to favourite athlete (dead or alive). What’s your fave guest got to say?

Stoppage time

Every weekday during the COVID self-isolation we go LIVE on Instagram to get an inside look into our community of fans locked up in their nests.


We check-in to see how everyone is getting on, keeping sane +++ they get to show off their sweet sweet footy memorabilia in the process… Stay tuned for our weekly compilations right here!


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