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EP 60: Naomi Accardi

Naomi Accardi is a cultural storyteller, editor, interested in fashion, art and specifically in social issues. She is involved with SEASON zine. This magazine and things that they're doing on social media and the content they're putting out is fantastic. Naomi also has a footballing background. Her father was a professional footballer.

EP 59: Louis Amadeus Jensen

Louis Amadeus Jensen is an experienced creative director, producer, project manager, artist liaison, philanthropist, activist, and editor-in-chief with on the ground, from the roots up experience in the urban art movement. In addition to that, he is also a Spurs fan! He's somebody that you must to get to know and you will get to know on today's episode! Music by: Mr Pink by...

EP 58: Lilli Barrett-O’Keefe

Lilli Barrett-Oโ€™Keefe is the director of streetfootballworld, a global network of โ€˜football for goodโ€™ organizations in over 80 countries worldwide. We got to work together on a project called Play Proud Playbook here in Montreal. She primarily work on a program she started called, Play Proud, which focuses on LGBTQ+ youth inclusion in football. Additionally, she is a consultant for New York City Football...


The 1st Half Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of the beautiful game.

Follow our resident footy culture junkie and entrepreneur, Paul Desbaillets as he take a North American spin & approach on current news, culture, art, music & anything else that falls onto the pitch that connects us to the heart attack inducing world of Football (Soccer).

Each week Paul will interview guests ranging from Chefs, Musicians, Artists, Athletes, Fanatics, Influencers and anyone else he can find willing to talk to him about the Football Ecosystem.

Paul Desbaillets



Each week we ask our guest a lightning round of questions from most-loved breakfast item,

to favourite athlete (dead or alive). What’s your fave guest got to say?


Montreal loses a gem, NYC gains a team, a soccer superstar gets COVID


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