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EP 53: Natxo Diego Torné

A football curator or a football content creator, Natxo is from Ground Hopper Barcelona. Natxo has travelled a lot. He has been to England, Spain and etc. Natxo did his first long trip when he was 20 years old. He spent 1 month in San Francisco to learn English. Natxo spent most of his life in Barcelona, but he also spent some time in...

EP 52: Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller is an American soccer player, currently playing for Charlotte Independence in the United Soccer League. He's also part of the Black Players Alliance in the USL. Smart guy, definitely on point and he's someone you need to get to know because he is pushing all fantastic agendas in the States and specifically in the world of football. He also happen to have...

EP 51: Alex Cervantes

Alex Cervantes is out on LA and currently doing amazing graphics for LAFC. He's a LAFC supporter and freelance graphic designer for the club. Born and raised in north Hollywood California, his parents both immigrated from Mexico. Growing up in a diverse community with different cultures around him, Alex started appreciating so many different walls of culture and life. For football, Alex's father is...


The 1st Half Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of the beautiful game.

Follow our resident footy culture junkie and entrepreneur, Paul Desbaillets as he take a North American spin & approach on current news, culture, art, music & anything else that falls onto the pitch that connects us to the heart attack inducing world of Football (Soccer).

Each week Paul will interview guests ranging from Chefs, Musicians, Artists, Athletes, Fanatics, Influencers and anyone else he can find willing to talk to him about the Football Ecosystem.

Paul Desbaillets



Each week we ask our guest a lightning round of questions from most-loved breakfast item,

to favourite athlete (dead or alive). What’s your fave guest got to say?


Montreal loses a gem, NYC gains a team, a soccer superstar gets COVID


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