EP 56: Ebun Olaloye

It’s a real pleasure to get to know Ebun Olaloye @mrLBF! Ebun is a really smart and cool person doing amazing and interesting things with Live Breathe Futbol @LBFutbol. Born and raised in Nigeria, he grew up playing in a big field. He did well in school to be able to play soccer and they eventually moved to the New Jersey, US. He played soccer in high school and a little bit in college. While in college, he realized that soccer is important to him and he thought about what he can do to contribute to the game that he loves so much.

Back in high school he painted shirts to make money. His coach asked Ebun to design hoodies for a soccer team. He realized that he wants to have a clothing brand at some point. On his 21st birthday, Ebun designed a shirt named Live Breathe Futbol to celebrate his birthday and they all sold out! That’s where Live Breathe Futbol started.


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Music by: Mr Pink by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena