EP 51: Alex Cervantes

Alex Cervantes is out on LA and currently doing amazing graphics for LAFC. He’s a LAFC supporter and freelance graphic designer for the club.

Born and raised in north Hollywood California, his parents both immigrated from Mexico. Growing up in a diverse community with different cultures around him, Alex started appreciating so many different walls of culture and life.

For football, Alex’s father is into football and he thinks his father wanted Alex to get into it as well ever since he was born. Alex watched league with his father every weekend whether that was toluca, pumas or the Mexican national team on Sundays.

Alex coming to the club has been interesting route for him. He has always been a fan and he eventually joined one of the supporter groups Expo Originals. After joining them, he started doing merchandise design and graphics for their socials. Through that he met other people in the supporter groups also did graphics for them. Through all the graphics he made and going to games every weekend, he ended connecting with Rich and Marcus that put an offer on the table for him. Without hesitation, Alex accepted the offer.