E9:Jonas Tomalty, Singer

Special Guest, Singer-Songwriter, Juno Award Nominee, Daddy to be, Jonas Tomalty answers our 12 question segment and talks about his journey in music, his new solo album, touring, Dortmund, and Alpacas? …

Ryveann: (00:50)
Hello and welcome to the 1st half podcast.

Paul: (00:56)
There’s a show ….

Ryveann: (00:58)
and this is Paul and today’s special guest is so exciting. Is Jonas Tomalty, singer, songwriter, Juno award nominee…

Paul: (01:08)
Papa G baby. Hi, I’m good. How are you?

Ryveann: (01:12)
Fantastic as per usual,

Paul: (01:15)
as per usual. Start everything off for the good old fashioned laugh. There we go. Fantastic.You’re supposed to have a good time.

Ryveann: (01:26)
Today is a good day.

Paul: (01:29)
and it’s the 1st half podcast and we’re having a good time and no alcohol is being consumed, which is fantastic cause that’s a green tea.

Ryveann: (01:36)
Lots of green tea.

Paul: (01:38)
You don’t have anything special in there.

Ryveann: (01:41)
Mama’s happy juice.

Paul: (01:44)
Oh boy. All right, so episode nine. Fantastic. Um, we’re enjoying this very much. I’m enjoying the comments. I’m enjoying people interacting with us and um, following and we’re super blessed to have, you know, people into what we’re doing. I mean, this is not a part of the notes, but it’s just something that’s so exciting to see that you know, that things are going in the right direction. Lots of work to be done. But it’s, it’s nice to see the community embracing what we’re doing, embracing crazy laughter. Uh, the Canadian women’s soccer team.

Ryveann: (02:23)

Paul: (02:25)
Holy dear God. Yeah, right. Yeah. This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. 20 goals in two matches in a tournament. 20 goals, 20 goals, let me, right. Yeah. Sometimes it’s, you know, it’s a one zero draw zero ….zero one …like 20 goals, 36 year old Sinclair becomes the world’s all time leading gold score number one eight 4 and one eight 5. There is an 11 zero smashing of St Kitts. Like yeah, yeah. Smashing 11 zero like do you understand that’s like every, every player on the pitch got a goal. 11 zero wow.

Ryveann: (03:11)
Yup. I am. Uh, so today I spent, I spent a little bit of time looking through some of her great goals and then I fell upon soccer Canada’s goose bump worthy compilation of Christine, um, complete goal compilation on YouTube and it was my, the hair on the back of my neck actually went up and it was like old old video footage from like back when like Amy was playing kind of thing. And then it was like, yeah, it was really, really cool.

Paul: (03:36)
I’m just going to say that the game before this 11 zero smashing was a nine zero smashing of Jamaica. So this is all for the, the women’s, uh, you know, Olympic qualifiers, And the reason I’m bringing it up is because it’s absolutely fantastic and you know, kudos to them and Bravo to team Canada, national team, women’s national team. I’m bringing it up because it’s going to be a theme that I am going to always bring up and it’s why don’t we see enough of it in traditional media? Why isn’t it an in the print? Why wasn’t it all over TSN and RDS and TVA and, and, and soccer wise, just about any outlet that could be screaming to the high heavens if this was a hockey game, if this was a basketball, like if it was any other sport, I believe it would have been really prevalent in the press and it wasn’t.

Ryveann: (05:08)
Um, so I’m just going to do this quick call out. I was online today. I didn’t have time to do more than one outlet, but one of the news outlets that has a full sport section that is all hockey, even baseball, some tennis and stuff, they mentioned Sinclair’s 185 goals but the last time they mentioned soccer. Any soccer, any of team Canada or whatever, any soccer was on December 19th. What has happened between December 19th and today with the Olympic qualifiers? Um, with all this stuff going on, not a single mention of any of the national teams

Paul: (05:42)
and the one 84 and one 85 and that whole Sinclair push was actually because soccer Canada was putting out information like everybody pay attention. There’s going to be this record broken any day now. So that’s why it was picked up by other outlets. But I mean nothing and um, it’s, it’s something that I’m going to bring up. I think it’s worth always just sort of re mentioning and popping up and being, you know, Hey, like, cause I think the more that it’s out in the front, the more that people might be just like, yeah, that is a little bit odd, right? An Olympic qualifier, a champion, like whatever tournament the men’s or women’s team positioning and playing for, to qualify should be in the news. And the truth of matter is there should be news when they’re not qualifying. There should be news about training, that’s the way it will be ingested by everybody and it will just become part of the conversation. If it’s only around a tournament, it’s not enough. The same way you live and breathe most of the other sports we’ve been talking about, American football or hockey or anything like that all the time is because it’s all the time. It’s, you know, it’s like that ongoing story. You immigrate to Canada and you get a hockey stick, like it’s, it’s all part of the story of Canada. Anyways, that’s why I keep bringing it up and I keep going back to it. I am of course, I’m going to keep bringing up the whole point of this until somebody changes something somewhere.

Ryveann: (07:13)
until they get it right.

Paul: (07:15)
Let’s get into some North American football, MLS, lots of stuff happening, right? It’s the month of February. It’s preseason underway in warm weather. Everybody’s looking nice and tanned.

Ryveann: (07:31)
I’d be totally down with a little, you know, journalism in the sun for a week or two.

Paul: (07:38)
But something I found interesting was on the MLS, uh, site, there’s, there’s a, there’s a sort of a story about the top five clubs to be watching this season and along with the LA galaxy, Columbus, Chicago and Seattle is the Montreal impact. And that, I think that’s super cool. Uh, I’m a little curious but I think, you know, whenever they say anything cause that’s big money players or new coaching or a total rebuild. Is it sort of that we want to look at the train wreck, car crash sort of scenario or is it general excitement and shit?

Ryveann: (08:13)
Cause like it’s a new season. The new coach, I think they’ve put a lot of time and effort into like getting their name and their brand out there a lot more too. So I think, I think they are to watch, I’m excited to see what’s going to happen. Speaking of MLS. I went searching down the rabbit hole of a Reddit today and uh, I found an awesome little MLS community, 124,000 strong ladies and gents. Um, FYI. In comparison though, the us men, women subreddit has 40,000 members. Canada soccer only has 2,000…. Come on.

Paul: (08:49)
Say that again?

Ryveann: (08:51)
The U S men and women and youth soccer group. Like the subreddit has 40,000 members in it. The team Canada, Canada soccer group only has 2000 in it. Yeah. And then there is a news and discussion group regarding the Canadian premier league and that one has five 5, 000.

Paul: (09:10)
So just that’s, that’s great for the, for the CPL.

Ryveann: (09:14)
Great for the CPL. And then I encountered a lovely little preseason roast series. So if you guys want to take a look at that, I think it’s going to be very entertaining. It started today and so every single day until the starting of like the first game of the season, I guess like at the end of February they’re doing, um, they’re roasting a different team. So you can go on Reddit, go on the MLS subreddit, and go and roast the teams. So today’s team was Nashville and when I got there, there was a few good ones. Um, and I might say one, uh, one guy goes, “I Googled Nashville, SC and it says permanently closed props to the all knowing algorithm for getting it on, getting it right.” And then the other one was “like a classic country song. If you play their history backwards, it’s a happy tune.” So people are getting in there, they’re getting grimy and they’re getting really interesting. That’s a definitely a fun initiative. It’s fine. And it gets people talking. So in the next few days it’s inter Miami CF, Cincinnati and then Vancouver Whitecaps. So, uh, we’ll probably be bringing this up next week. A few good, uh, hard hits on some of our teams.

Paul: (10:25)
Well, we’ll definitely put it on the first half podcast social media.

Ryveann: (10:28)
They’re pretty funny guys. So join in on the conversation and throw in your own.

Paul: (10:35)
I would assume that’s the whole point, right? To get into some of those ways to get in and just, it’s a roast.

Ryveann: (10:40)
It’s just for fun, good laugh.

Paul: (10:42)
Uh, this week is also the unveiling of the new 2020 kits. So that’s something interesting that, you know, that’s always fun. I mean, all the clubs have tried their best to sort of lock down the imagery and they’re rolling it out. Uh, today, uh, anyways, today or tomorrow, it’s all basically in the next day or two. It’s all part of New York fashion week. Well, it’s not actually part of it. It’s, it’s kicking off just before it, it’s around the same week. All the clubs are represented and they have, you know, musicians and all sorts of different interesting guests representing the city in that club and the Jersey. Uh, I’ve seen some stuff and I’m not so sure, but, um, you know, everybody gets to sort of make their own assumption. it doesn’t blow me away, but at the same time, it’s still fun. It’s still entertaining. It’s still exciting. It’s part of the 25 year push. It’ll be very interesting to see if anybody you know, that listens to the first half podcast, um, wants to make some comments on a jersey or two…’m sure most of the Clubs would love to hear it. I mean, this is sales, right? This is sales for the league. Everybody gets a little piece of that pie. So I’d be very interested to see how that sort of all rolls out.

Ryveann: (12:16)
Let us know your favorite look.

Paul: (12:18)
Oh yeah, that’d be cool. Yeah. Very cool. And your favorite look with the New Jersey or any Jersey?

Ryveann: (12:24)
I mean, I feel like the New Jersey would be good, but I mean, ideally one day. we’ll get into, yeah, I know you have some stuff up your sleeve…..

Paul: (12:29)
we got some stuff in our bank. Just got to wait. Ok call out. Okay. Soccer AM in Britain. Yes. Bloody great stuff. And I have to say it like that. Bloody great stuff. Like it is just, they’re just so witty. They’re so on point. Our show is about sort of the perspective on North America, but if you’re not looking across the pond to some of the, you know where it all comes from, you’re still, you’re not going to get it anyways. So you have to sort of look to

Ryveann: (13:03)
the banter is phenomenal at all times.

Paul: (13:05)
Good gracious yes,

Ryveann: (13:05)
They are so funny. So vicious yes, but I mean they grow up with that,

Paul: (13:10)
That’s it. They grow up with it. It’d be vicious if you didn’t know about any of it and you just get parachuted in? You’re like, Oh my God. Like that’s, it’s daily roasting your daily roasted like on everything. But that show is so funny. And then when they get the bandmates and they get the guys in the bell bottoms to be trying to hit, you know, top bins and like the setup is so cool that you have to go take a look at it. I know it’s on Instagram, but I’m assuming it’s all over the place. I mean they got all the socials. It’s really funny and it’s also really entertaining.

Ryveann: (13:51)
And I have a few call outs now too. Not a lot, but you mentioned this at the beginning of the episode, so I just wanted to let everybody know, thank you so much for getting in touch with us. The tweets were phenomenal, especially over Elis, last episode. So if you haven’t listened to episode eight, definitely go check it out. Um, his take on the anomaly that is Canadian soccer really got the conversation flowing on our Twitter feed and it also got some people opening up and sharing, what they’re doing throughout North America to try and, you know, expand the soccer culture. So I’m going to shout out to one really great guy that sent us a great email. He does like an independent football newsletter called Darby jean, so darbyjean.com So it’s very personal to him. It’s like, it’s very personal journalism, but it’s great and so exciting that people are doing that around North American and we get to showcase that.

Paul: (14:44)
yeah, anyone doing things in the soccer world that might not be evident to everybody, send it our way. I mean the more everybody starts to connect, the better it’s going to be. The bigger that web and that net goes. It will eventually be one just giant connected, you know, group of people, boys and girls that are just free flowing information all over the place. And that again is part of that stepping to make sure that it is everywhere in everybody’s conversation and it’s on the daily. And so that’s a great shout out and that was great that they reached out to us and I love it.

Ryveann: (15:25)
Well I guess we’re going to bring out the soon to be Papa singer songwriter on mr Jonas Tomalty… Very excited to have him … Talk to you next week guys. All right, bye.


Second Half

Jonas: (16:03)
I like that. I like a casual start, you know, not fresh out of the Gates hard like that. I like just a soft limping to an interview,

Paul: (16:12)
the second part of the first half podcast with a soft limping Papa G Jonas, thank you for being on the podcast. Thank you for slowly limping into this segment. Um, there’s all kinds of things we want to talk about mostly that you are willing to risk potential baby action. You do this because you’re a man of your word, I think. No, but honestly, I mean,

Jonas: (16:46)
you know, um, the, we, we thought, uh, that we’d planned, uh, this, this, uh, well she, she’s actually due in two weeks, but, um, last week we went in for the most recent checkup and it’s happening quicker than we thought. And, uh, today, right before coming to the interview, she was like, Oh, that’s another one. Oh, that’s another one. So she’s having contractions, uh, every, you know, seven minutes now. So we should, you know, as long as this interview sticks to 20 minutes and not an hour and 20 minutes, I’ll see my baby being born.

Paul: (17:14)
We’re going to drop it to about four and a half. We’re going to power through it and our audio, we’re good. Um, I love you Jonas. Love you too, Paul. Tell me a little bit about yourself and for anybody listening on the first half podcast, uh, give us some background on you.

Jonas: (17:31)
I’m at base. I am a singer, songwriter, musician. This has been a 20 year focus, 20 year career. And um, you know, I, I think, uh, originally, uh, and what a lot of people would know me for is the rock and roll, uh, in me, it was a big part of the, the beginning of my career I kind of went through the alternative hard rock thing in high school, um, with rubber man. And then, teamed up with the Cory Diabo. Uh, and him and I have been playing music together for, like I said, almost 20 years. Um, you know, roots rock, a little bit of soul. And, um, it’s been now a couple of years that I have stepped back from that. I opened Rosewood, the restaurant, in the old port, uh, restaurant venue and uh, that’s been going great. Started a little family, got a house out in the South shore and uh, you know, just, just kind of took a little step out of it. And now it’s been a month or two that we are getting back on track, mixing the new album. It’s going to be a new solo album called Jonas Tomalty, Undivided. And uh, we’re, we’re starting to book up the dates for next fall and starting to get back into it. So everything has been great.

Paul: (18:47)
Is the album coming out next fall?

Jonas: (18:49)
The album is supposed to be coming out before the summer. That’s the plan. We want to have something on the shelves, uh, for the summer. But um, as far as, as far as the actual tour, I think we’re gonna look at the fall.

Paul: (19:04)
Baby and mama coming on tour?

Jonas: (19:07)
Yeah. Well Carmen’s uh, Carmen’s my backup vocalist, whichworks out well for you know, a touring family. Yeah, it’s great man. We are so excited about it. Baby bag, headphones, baby in front, the whole nine yards. Sing around him into the microphone. We’re going to need a baby tech switch out the guitar for the baby. It’s going to be cool.

Paul: (19:30)
So exciting, man. It really is.

Paul: (19:32)
It’s so exciting. It’s, um, it’s been a dream of mine to be a father and to have a family like this you know, I was super lucky to be brought up in a, in a wonderfully close family. You know, continuing that has, like I said, it’s, it’s a dream, uh, fulfilled really.

Jonas: (19:48)
Brothers and sisters? Yeah. I mean, my brother Lucas who you’ve met many times, uh, at the pub is, uh, my best friends in the world.

Jonas: (19:56)
So, you know, him and I have had great him and I have a, yeah, we’ve, we’ve edged out a lot of good memories together. I’m looking forward to maybe, uh, you know, given, um, given my, my, my baby son a brother as well, or a sister as well along the way and, uh, you know, introduce it. Yeah, no pressure. Yeah. 1 at a time though.

Paul: (20:14)
Yeah. Always been into music?Was that your calling from the beginning?

Jonas: (20:18)
Yeah, yeah, definitely. Um, I, I never really had any, I never really had any other outside interests that were strong enough to be able to turn them into something like a career. Um, I’ve always loved sport. I loved, uh, you know, I’ve loved individual sport probably more just because of the way it works scheduling wise. Uh, for somebody like me, first of all, when I was a kid, I was going to choir on Saturdays so I never got out to the rink. I still skate like shit, which is, yeah, I skate like shit. I mean I’m not a great skater. I, I stop on one side, you know, like when they blow the whistle, I have to, we have to go counterclockwise. I take a time out. Yeah, I’m not, I’m not a great,

Paul: (21:01)
Well then maybe your sport really was football cause I have seen you on the pitch shoot and you got, you got moves, man. You got, you got your heart pumps?

Jonas: (21:07)
Well, it’s also, it’s just a team activity. You know, I had the band you know, the, the touring always gets in the way. Always disappointing people whenever there’s, um, longterm schedules. So anyway, yeah, the individual sports thing has always been, really been my drive. Uh, you know, yoga, tennis, golf, that kind of stuff.

Paul: (21:29)
Yeah. Yeah. Favorite sport, Do you have one?

Jonas: (21:32)
Uh, yeah. I mean tennis. I mean I don’t follow anything religiously. Um, but I’m a, I’m a, I’m a keen, um, avid tennis fan and just watched the, uh, Australian open all week last week. That was, that was something else. Amazing. Yeah.

Paul: (21:47)
That wasn’t easy for a lot of those players, a lot of people had to sort of drop out.

Jonas: (21:50)
Yeah. And Djokovich w w was struggling really hard in the beginning and he, uh, it was, it wasn’t looking good for him in the beginning anyway, that, kid team is a, is a strong player and he’s going to be, he’s going to be a contender for sure.

Paul: (22:04)
So you follow a lot of sport in your, you, you individual sports or not. I mean, you’ve been involved in a bunch of football projects here in Montreal, um, soccer project. So I’m sort of curious then, um, as somebody that follows many sports, um, and has an understanding of individual or team sport, um, football or soccer, does it have a chance of sort of reaching the same Heights as you would say, hockey or, um, or NFL or CFL? Like is it, does it have that chance?

Jonas: (22:39)
Well, there’s certainly a culture for it. You know, I think Montreal is, um, you know, is, is, is an amazing place for it. There’s lots of soccer fields around, there’s lots of pitches.

Paul: (22:47)
Um, you’ve been to Europe, right?

Jonas: (22:52)
Germany, many times, huge, huge. Actually we, we stayed in Dortmund, uh, a couple of times and um, there was, uh, that was a really beautiful experience. I mean that, that city really, uh, supports their team, you know it’s everywhere. Every store, every apartment is waving a flag. Every car going by. And that’s on the off season.

Paul: (23:18)
Sure. So could that, come here, ….

Jonas: (23:21)
what I mean by that, I mean, I’m a firm believer in the star, right? I mean, I think that that’s sort of in any sport, if any kid can, you know, fall in, in love and admiration for that star and want to emulate him, um, you know, I think or her. I think that, uh, you know, it makes the, uh, the survival of the support and the acceleration of the sport very possible. Um, and I, I just, I, I don’t know if in soccer right now, uh, we have anybody that’s really stuck out for me. Can you think of anybody really that we have a national level, the national level,

Paul: (24:02)
I mean, there’s , Oh, Davies,

Jonas: (24:04)
now there’s others, don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of great players, but look at David Beckham.

Paul: (24:10)
That takes so much time.

Jonas: (24:13)
It does. I think that that would be, you know, maybe that’s just fast tracking it, but, well that takes time. But it also takes immediate attention and awareness for that to start to develop. Because if you say something in the hockey world or in basketball, you can name a handful of athletes immediately because the media is pushing them. And that’s not the case here, right? I mean I’m not, I’m not saying that they’re not necessarily people out there with star quality, but it’s the media that’s not getting behind them enough or we’re getting behind the sport enough. Why is that do you think? Is it because it’s a little bit of a longer long drawn out game? You know, it’s not necessarily action packed every two seconds. I dunno.

Paul: (24:57)
Dunno. It’s a good question. And the reason I’m asking you that question is exactly because you don’t follow it, you know, daily on the blogs, in your app or you’re not checking out every weekend and, but the, the fandome that you saw in Germany, right, is an example of when you’re into any sport, you know, just like here for the Habs or whatever it is that you, it’s just, you live and breathe it constantly. And I’m totally, I’m having a hard time understanding. It’s fun to have these conversations, especially with somebody that’s not totally immersed in it like why aren’t you captured enough to almost daily check in on, right, your MLS club or your national team, because I know you check in on what’s up with the Habs or what’s up.

Jonas: (25:50)
Definitely MMA, tennis.

Paul: (25:53)
And is that because the media is not doing its job properly? Disseminating the sport as a whole right to the public for the public to consume.

Jonas: (26:05)
I was thinking about this the last couple of days just because it was trying to, you know, Chuck up a little bit of my football talk, knowing that I was gonna come in here. And that was one of the things I was thinking about. And I mean it’s the one thing that’s come back to me is, you know, I think clearly it is a media issue. Um, and, and, and again, you know, I, the media star, the, the, that, uh, that one individual that maybe breaks through and, and you know, turns the sport into, you know, a media attraction. Like when a musician has to leave its city, his or her city, and then they come, they make it 100% and they come back. And just the biggest thing that ever happened under the city takes them on as their own.

Jonas: (26:39)
Exactly. Right. Exactly.

Paul: (26:40)
.And that is a great point that it might take like what Alfonso Davies is doing right now in Germany. Yes. And then maybe he gets himself into somewhere in, in England and then, you know, that whole medium,

Jonas: (26:54)
Like Laurent Duvernay-Tardif from the Kansas Chiefs, you know, from Mont St-Hilaire.

Paul: (26:57)

Jonas: (26:58)
You know, playing in the Superbowl.

Paul: (26:59)
and then you have the mayor of the city down in Miami taking photos with them, like a Montreal Mayor flew down to hang out with mr Duvernay-Tardif. I mean, there was this,

Jonas: (27:09)
there was a special energy in the city last night because we had skin in the game. Right. And a doctor too. I mean, that’s pretty, pretty badass.

Paul: (27:20)
That’s the other football, that’s the other football. That’s Superbowl. Yeah, definitely. Uh, yeah. Uh, any hobbies?

Jonas: (27:26)
Yeah. Um, well, I have a, I have an alpaca. Uh, there’s an alpaca farm not far from my home. Um, I love animals and.

hold on and this comes up. Stop. Yeah. you Own an alpaca?

I own an alpaca. Yeah. Yeah. So what it might’ve been like five years ago, probably it was five years ago, cause Rosewood had just opened and I was riding my motorcycle back from my cottage in Lac Mégantic and uh, I decided to take some back roads and, uh, take a path that I hadn’t taken before and it was going through these beautiful lush farm fields and I passed by this herd of alpacas. And now I’d never seen these things I thought they were Lammas. Most people do when they first see them. They’re not Lammas. They’re are much more docile, sort of gentle, loving.

Paul: (28:23)
Do they spit?

Jonas: (28:23)
They spit less than Lammas. But yeah, they spit, I mean, they spit a bit most more amongst themselves, but their humanistic qualities are absolutely endearing. When you stick your head over the fence into a herd of them, some of them come up, they’re curious. Some of them are snobby, some of them are, you know, you know, talking amongst themselves whats human doing over here.

Jonas: (28:49)
It’s a crew…

Jonas: (28:49)
Exactly. And hey react in very different humanistic ways. And it just pulled me in. I hung out with, for, with them for like 20 minutes. Um, and the owner came out, I said, what is it, a lama? He’s like, eye roll. No, it’s an alpaca.

Paul: (29:05)
Do you want to buy one?

Jonas: (29:06)
And he said, you want to come in and see it to see what the fiber does. So he brought me into his place and showed me, you know, there’s beautiful sweaters and it’s, it’s cashmere, essentially rifle and there’s different grades of it. And honestly, I, I saw that I went and I did a retreat up in Charlevoix on a weekend and hung out at an alpaca farm and, uh, did a little internship and realized that I wanted to get involved in the alpaca business.

Paul: (29:30)
a Stage/internship? trimming alpacas?

Jonas: (29:32)
Yeah. Shearing them. Yeah, no, that’s okay.

Paul: (29:37)
That was a sheep thing? It’s trimming in the alpaca world.

Jonas: (29:43)
and, uh, you know, they’re, they’re a very clean animal. They actually don’t eat that much. Um, and uh, they, they’re, they’re quite dependent on you.

Paul: (29:51)
Do you walk an alpaca…. Like you walk a dog?

Jonas: (29:54)
I mean you could…So the idea would be that I, um, her name’s Valerie.

Paul: (30:00)
Valerie the lama.

Jonas: (30:01)
The alpaca, bro.

Paul: (30:02)
Sorry, I’m confused. Can you write a children’s book about Valerie the alpaca?

Jonas: (30:06)
This is where we are. It comes full circle. So the idea is that a, I would like to actually have it as a, you know, education, um, as a, you know, an animal that I can bring to the Mackay center,

Paul: (30:36)
A seeing eye lama?

Jonas: (30:38)
Just, uh, alpaca…. you know, you’ll get it, you’ll get it. It’s, it’s work on progress. It’s a therapy animal more than anything, honestly. Care.

Paul: (30:46)
Well now you’re being serious and that’s amazing. But then how do you drive it around?

Jonas: (30:51)
Like, you know? You could actually just put it. In the back seat of the car. I’m not even joking on this. They go into the car, they just sit still.

Paul: (30:54)

Jonas: (30:54)
I’m, I’m not, I’m sure the internet can provide,

Paul: (31:08)
I’m trying to stay serious. You do not stuff it in the back of a volkswagen….

Jonas: (31:13)
not stuff. If you train it well it goes voluntarily.

Paul: (31:18)
God, I love you. I’m not going any further, so that’s amazing. I’m going to go into 12 questions. I’m not, there’s nothing, there is like does it just pop it’s head out through the sunroof? …… So we’re going to leave it at that. We have 12 questions. Rapid fire. Y.

Jonas: (31:37)
Yeah, man, I heard about this and let’s uh,

Paul: (31:40)
Oh my gosh, you totally made my day and my week. I’m, I am going to, by the way, I’m going to YouTube this whole alpaca car driving thing.

Jonas: (31:49)
Yeah, I’m sure. Yeah. I think, I think, uh, we’ve got some candidates, so that’s amazing.

Paul: (31:59)
You don’t cut the hair… You style the hair too.

Jonas: (32:01)
Well because she’s one year old. She just had her first shearing in the beginning, like beginning of the summer. And so, uh, I went to easy and didn’t, but next year we’re going to do some fun designs in it.

Paul: (32:14)
you need to check your phone and make sure your baby hasn’t come yet. you should probably check your phone. Make sure your baby hasn’t come yet.

Jonas: (32:20)
No. all good.

Paul: (32:20)
Okay. 12 questions. Yeah, man. What’s your favorite sport?

Jonas: (32:25)

Paul: (32:26)
What song or band would you want blasting as you walk into a stadium?

Jonas: (32:30)
Led Zeppelin.

Paul: (32:35)
favorite footie or sports team?

Jonas: (32:38)
I’m Dortmund, BVB yeah,

Paul: (32:40)
look at that. Favorite athlete? Dead or alive?

Jonas: (32:49)
Mohammed Ali. Absolutely.

Paul: (32:50)
Favorite breakfast item.

Jonas: (32:53)
Mm. You know, I love a toast with a grilled cheese on top, with jam….and Fresh fruit on the side.

Paul: (33:04)
Yeah, that’s a meal. Favorite drink, alcoholic or non alcoholic.

Jonas: (33:10)
Um, half sweet, spicy. Margarita half salt. Uh, all day. All day.

Paul: (33:20)
Tea or coffee.

Jonas: (33:21)

Paul: (33:22)
Dream trip. If you haven’t already taken it,

Jonas: (33:25)
Dream trip, you know. Um, I’d love to, uh, I love to go down some of like the Asian islands. I’d like to do some scuba diving down there. My father’s, uh, my father’s been and he says there’s some just incredible diving.

Paul: (33:45)
Favorite condiment.

Jonas: (33:51)
mayonnaise man, I love that shit.

Paul: (33:55)
pajamas, no pajamas?

Jonas: (33:58)
dude. Come on. who wears pajamas?

Paul: (34:10)
I don’t know how you answer the door?

Jonas: (34:16)
Exactly. You wake up, get out of bed, you put on pajamas and you go answer the door. Well, somebody is an asshole enough to be ringing the doorbell that early in the morning. They can wait a minute for you to put your pajamas on.

Paul: (34:29)
Question 11 Favorite social media to look at or watch?

Jonas: (34:34)

Paul: (34:35)
Is there something specifically that you would like others to go check out?

Jonas: (34:39)
You know, I don’t even want people to check this out actually. It’s just, this is an interesting thing. I’ll be like llama, llama, llama. My friend came in from out of town the other day and over the Christmas holidays and I thought I’d seen most of the shit on the internet. I mean, you know what I mean? I’ve had a lot of boring, you know, chill time backstage and I thought that I, I, you know, I partake in, in the depths of the web and um, there is, it’s called, I wish I could bring it up right now, @ASMRPhan but basically it is a girl. It’s, it’s one girl in particular who eats things close to a microphone.

Paul: (35:24)
Oh, I’ve heard about this,

Jonas: (35:25)
She eats crispy egg rolls and she scratches her nails and she the crunching sound and I was like, God, this is weird. And then within like 15 seconds, Oh, I was flipping to the next one. And I found myself like chewing air, chewing and drooling and a weird Pavlovian thing over took me. And uh, so yeah, the internet won that day.

Paul: (35:52)
Wow. Yeah. Any superstitions?

Jonas: (35:56)
Any superstitions? I mean, I’m kind of a superstitious person, but not really. So like for example, I think I just do superstitious shit just in case, you know what I mean? Back up, like just back up. Like I don’t really believe in it, but like, just in case, sort of like every so often I go to church, you know what I mean? And we don’t have a great relationship, but just in case I’m like, ah, fuck, what if you’re real. So I have some superstitions but not really.

Paul: (36:29)
Would you call it soccer or football?

Jonas: (36:31)
Oh, well, you know, it depends who I’m talking to. If I’m talking to you, I would call it football. If I were talking to somebody else, I’d be like, you know, the other football. But I think I’d try to, uh, you know, avoid soccer.

Paul: (36:45)
Papa J Jonas, thank you for being on the first half podcast. That was very interesting. Honest to God llamas alpacas.

Jonas: (36:58)
How was it not going to be.

Paul: (37:00)
if we started talking ostriches I dunno, but it’s all been good.